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Bass Boats

Bass Boats

Factory Direct Marine & RV Russiaville is your leader in boating supplies, including Bass boats. If you’re looking to take to the sea and enjoy a fishing expedition with friends and family, you want to get a reliable Bass Boat.

Bass boat on the lake in Russiaville, IN

Why A Bass Boat?

This is the ultimate way to go fishing as anybody who’s participated in a fishing tournament can attest. You might want to first make sure what type of boat you want with regards to where you intend to take it. Do you want to fish in rivers and small lakes, or are you looking to head out to sea and catch some big game? Well, if it’s the latter, we recommend investing in a solid Bass Boat.

These tend to be larger than riverboats, maybe even 20-feet long, and it’s because you want the room to accommodate both the fish and any friends you bring with you. Bass Boats tend to have more power for traveling farther out to sea as well.

What Kind of Boats Do We Offer?

Factory Direct Marine & RV Russiaville has many different shapes and sizes of Bass Boats, new and used, with affordable pricing. For example, our 2020 Raptor 160 is a solid option for any fishing enthusiast. It comes with 90 HP, a waterproof stereo system, and plenty of space to store fishing rods. We also sell numerous deck boats, cruisers, and pontoons.

Don’t forget to protect your boat with a good boat cover as well. When you put your money into a reliable boat, you want to make sure it has all the right parts and protective equipment to make it last for years.

Come visit Factory Direct Marine & RV Russiaville to discover all our camping, boating, and recreational goods and services. If you have questions about our inventory or financing deals, you can call us at 865-354-2140. We are located at 250 South West St in Russiaville, IN.

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