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Should You Invest in a Camper?

You’ll hear a lot of advice when it comes to investments. It’s the type of industry that attracts a lot of people who may feel like they’re experts overnight. That’s not a bad thing. But you always want to make sure that you’re putting your money in the right place, especially when buying a camper.

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Investments should always be a long-term deal that pays off in the end. So the question is, should you invest in a camper? You can wind up spending in a range of $1,000 on a used pop-up camper to $300,000 on other models. Is it worth your time to try and gain on that purchase? We’ll do the math.

Extra Costs

When it comes to investing in a camper, one of the first things that you should consider is the extra costs. With any big purchase, there are always going to be those last-minute closing fees that you have to take into consideration. You should also take into consideration the cost of insurance, vehicle registration, regular maintenance, plus storage if you’re not able to park the RV at your residence. With those costs, you’re most likely not going to recoup those in the end.

There Are Savings In It

One thing to consider when looking at a camper as an investment is saving money. You may not see money in the end when you try to sell your camper, but if you use it for long enough and for the right ways, you’ll be saving money in places you may not have realized. In that way, a camper can be considered an investment. Take, for instance, airfare–if you’re using your camper to travel, you’ll be saving money that way.

You May Not Need It

Did you ever stop and think that maybe you won’t exactly need a camper but maybe you’ll want to opt for something similar like a trailer or large truck? Sometimes the investment isn’t on how you spend, but what you don’t spend on. Buying a camper is a big purchase and at the end of the day, your needs may not require one. It’s good to take an inventory of why you think you may need one and go over whether that’s true or not.

It’s Not An Investment

Lastly, weigh the idea of a camper being an investment option. They’re awesome if you want one! They have many uses and are great on big trips. However, unlike a home, it’s not the best bet to look for a return on investment.

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